Thursday, February 24, 2011

Rally for Women's Health, Take Back the Night and More

Hey NOW members!

A lot of you attended our last meeting which announced a whole stack of events and opportunities (as well as pizza). But for those who missed it or want a recap on what's going on, here's a timeline for the major upcoming events NOW will be having!

Feb. 26th (This Saturday) 1-3 PM at Foley Square - Rally for Women's Health sponsored by Planned Parenthood! NOW members who are interested in meeting up a bit beforehand and going there together as a group, please e-mail me at For more information on this rally and access the RSVP link, click here.

Feminist Portrait Project - We will be taking pictures of our NOW members in honor of Feminist Coming Out Day, a day to celebrate our inner feminism. These pictures will be posted on the website, If you're interested in getting your picture taken with the logo "This Is What a Feminist Looks Like," e-mail me or attend the rally.

March 2nd and March 23rd- Take Back the Night mini-meetings. We will be discussing our fundraising event, Take Back the Night, a night celebrating survivors of sexual assault and violence which will take place on April 13th. This event will be co-sponsored by H.O.P.E. and will feature survivor/singer Mary Josephine. If you have organizations you’re connected with, or feel would be interested in co-sponsoring this event, please see the template for the contact letter attached to the e-mail sent to the list-serv when contacting these organizations. Also let us know when you’ve contacted an organization on our behalf so we can keep track of who is contacting whom.

March 30th - Rage to Page Workshop with Sabrina Chap, author of Live Through This: On Creativity and Self-Destruction. Discover ways in which self-destructive habits can be transformed into creative outlets in this enlightening workshop. For more information on her book, visit her website.

Other deadlines:

7th Annual Young Feminist Leadership Conference in Washington D.C March 12-14th – Join four hundred other feminist students in an amazing weekend of activist training! The deadline to register is fast approaching so register now!

NOW Foundation is asking you to submit videos on your experience on body image in honor of Eating Disorders Awareness Week! Submit your personalized video here.

Shahida Arabi
President, NOW-NYU


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