Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Feminist Music Day TOMORROW!

Hey lovelies,

Tomorrow we will be holding the first part of a special event called "Feminist Music Day." We will be spending the first half of the meeting listening to feminist songs, some of which you NOW members have personally sent to us, and discussing the way they have influenced young feminists like us to think about the power of women and the obstacles they face in everyday life. The second half of the meeting will be logistics, possibly open discussion or more talk about the events coming up.

If you have a last-minute mp3 to send to us for this special event, please send it to sa1523@nyu.edu by tonight, with the subject, "NOW Feminist Music." Thanks!

Food will be served! As always, the meeting is in Kimmel room 909, 7 PM, Wednesday.

See you there :)

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