Wednesday, January 28, 2009

First Meeting!!!!

Hello everyone!

Tonight was our first meeting of the Spring semester. We had a pretty good turn-out with some fresh, new faces. :D We hope to see more in the coming weeks.

Next week we'll be relaxing and showing a movie (possibly Saved). If you have any ideas on any feminist or women-related movies that you'd like to watch, contact any one of us and we'll put that on our list of possibilities. We'd L-O-V-E for people to bring some desserts!

This week was full of talk about our events this semester and a little about what we do as a group. Feel free to e-mail anyone if you have any questions about the information I'll be posting below (look to the left).

Anywho, in February we've heard that there WILL be Vagina Monologues. However, we have no idea when, when or who is putting it on. We will be going together as a group so we'll try to keep you updated on that. If anyone has any information on that, please let us know as we'd like to possibly co-sponsor, etc.

March is Women (Womyn)'s Herstory Month. We will be hosting a sex toy workshop (potentially on March 11....) which we would loooooooove people to come to and publicize. Once we finalize the date, we'll make fliers and ask people to hand them out. We will also be co-sponsoring an event with ICARUS called the "(In)Sanity of Gender". Icarus is a great new group that is devoted to health/mental health and alternative options. We'll need people to help publicize that and attend the event as well.

In April we will be hosting Take Back the Night, which is a march for victims of sexual violence. We'll have more information on that and how you can get involved when the date nears. We'll also be participating in Relay For Life.

We'll be doing a movie night with TORCH (Teen Outreach Reproductive CHallenge). They are a subgroup in NARAL that teaches teens comprehensive sex education and helps them teach it to their peers. Date TBD. Contact Sue if you would like to know more information about either NARAL or TORCH.

We have a lot of petitions floating around now that people can get their hands on for the Women's Center (Women & Gender Resource Center). Feel free to contact Nicole if you are interested in helping out or just want further information.

We'll be doing Planned Parenthood Escorting this semester. It's only about a once a month commitment for a few hours, probably on a Saturday. We'll be escorting women to get their services, just helping them to feel safe, especially when there are protesters out.

Hope to see more new (and already-seen) faces at next week's meeting!


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