Wednesday, November 11, 2009

November 11th, 2009 Meeting Recap

Hi ladies,

Today we discussed negative and positive media portrayals of women by bringing in images and video clips that revealed/reinforced sexualizing images as well as empowering ones. If you were not able to attend the meeting, or wish to reevaluate them, you can download the pictures here. Just enter the verification code shown. Some of the discussion points raised were:

  • In sexualizing images, how can we distinguish between a woman who is taking control of her sexuality versus a woman who is being rendered a sexual object?
  • Has categorization/objectification of women also been applied to men by powerful female artists? If so, what effect does this have in both reinforcing inequality and also being a reflective tool in "turning the tables" in society?
  • How has the idea of "real" beauty emerged in popular culture in campaigns like the Dove campaign or in the efforts of plus-size models? Do these efforts have any setbacks? (Dove campaign and airbrushing).
  • Does rap/hip hop culture degrade women, or does it just reveal the lifestyle of musical artists realistically? (Example: Snoop Dog and the women surrounding him. Are they trophies, or are they the facts of such a lifestyle?)
  • How has the terminology of rap culture been translated to empower rather than to degrade women? Have women successfully taken "bitch" back or should these terms be avoided altogether?
  • How does this terminology affect the way women perceive each other and themselves? Are we still "feminist" if we enjoy the music this culture yields?
  • Are women who surround the powerful rappers in music videos empowering themselves, or are they mere objects on a screen?
  • Sex trafficking portrayal of the "JOURNEY" art exhibit held on campus.

REMINDER: Next week we will probably be doing the "Very Young Girls" fundraising event. Room and other details TBA.

Please join us next week again & remember there is no meeting on the day before Thanksgiving.

Thanks again for an insightful discussion :)


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