Wednesday, March 25, 2009

March 25, 2009 Meeting

Hey everyone!

This was quite the eventful evening! We have some really awesome events coming up soon that we really need help and support on!

We're thinking about raffling sex toys for our Relay For Life table. To sign up for our team (meaning to come hang out with us for a couple of hours and walk and support an amazing cause) go to Once you're there, search for the National Organization for Women and join our team! We'd love to have you on board.

We also discussed Take Back the Night. We're going to be sponsoring this amazing event to support victims of sexual violence and abuse. We need people to start reaching out to friends, peers, etc. in order to find anyone willing to either play music, read poetry, speak, etc. for the opening and closing ceremonies of the Take Back the Night Event. The date is going to be Tuesday, April 28th, (we're thinking around 8pm). We'll be making flyers, etc. very soon. We really need people to come next week to really get this going and to give out specific responsibilities. We're going to need to do a LOT of outreach, i.e. going to other clubs' meetings (once we get a list of clubs that are OK with us coming to do a little speech/hand out flyers -- that will be coming soon), hanging up flyers all over the place, presenting this to your classes (ask your prof. -- they're usually really cool about doing this before class starts), e-mailing other listserves or mass e-mailing friends from other schools. We will be making a facebook event--once we know certain specific details we can get the ball really rolling. So make sure you come next week! Also start asking around to see if you know anyone willing to perform!

We talked a little bit about the Feminist Majority Conference that Larry, Alex and I attended (I'm sorry if I spelled it wrong!!!). There will be more to come on that next week. It was an awesome conference and we have lots of fun stuff to tell everyone about.

We also had a really good conversation about the Women's Center/Women and Gender Resource Center, etc. We'll bring people up-to-date on that. I'm pretty sure we're going to get a club started that revolves around this whole issue and getting it started. We'll keep people updated on that.

After the meeting we all went out and participated in the NARAL Day of Action. We handed out condoms and emergency contraception information to people leaving and entering the subways. Let me tell was really nervewracking at first but once our fearless leader got us started, there was no stopping us! People really seemed to take a liking to us. We didn't get too many bad responses. There were a couple creepers and a few older women who gave us dirty looks but there were so many people who said thanks and who looked happy or thought it was hilarious. So all in all, it was awesome. We handed out about 250 condoms in around a half hour. CRAZINESS!!!! We're contemplating making this our new community service event (because things have gone nowhere with planned parenthood right now--they're swamped?). It was lots of fun and once you get over the initial embarassment/fear you start to have fun.

Hope everyone's first week back is going well. I hope to see you next week, look forward to hearing if anyone has friends that can perform (preferably sexual-domestic violence related), and am psyched about our upcoming events! We need your support and to see you there!


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