Saturday, February 28, 2009

February 25, 2009 Meeting

We talked about the Irshad Manji movie screening event and how powerful it was. There were a few of us at the meeting who went and we discussed the movie and what Irshad Manji had to say. What we want everyone to take away from it was the face that we want people to be open to discuss anything that's on their minds.

We also discussed the TBNYU! Occupation. It was a really great discussion. We've decided not to remove ourselves from the coalition. However, we think it's important for TBNYU! to know what members of its coalition think about what happened and any constructive criticisms or things we thought were positive.

We discussed the NARAL petitions, which you can get online at a link in a previous post here.

March 8 is International Women's Day. We will find out more information from Julie as to what is happening on that day.

March 2 (THIS MONDAY!) is the opening event for Women's Herstory Month!!!! Check out the women's herstory month calendar on facebook! (It starts at 7:15)

March 3 (THIS TUESDAY!) is the ICARUS workshop that we're cosponsoring called the (In)Sanity of Gender. This should be a really great event. Come one! Come all! It's Tuesday at 7:00 in room 522 of the Gallatin building.

March 11 (NEXT WEEK) is our AWESOME sex toy workshop. We'll be raffling some lovely prizes. It's at 7pm in our regular room, Kimmel 805.

March 25 is the NARAL NYC Day of Action.

April 19 is Relay for Life (we'll send our more about this later).

And April is also Take Back the Night, which celebrates survivors or rape and sexual violence (We'll also send out more about this later).

I'll post the Women's Herstory Month Calendar a little later.


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