Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Film Week Flyer!

Click to see a larger image!

Here's the info that's on the small handbills. 6 will fit on a regular document sized page:

NOW-NYU, FILMAID and New Space for Women’s Health
4/1:The Business of Being Born:Silver 405
4/2: Refugee Films: Silver 520
4/3: Sex Trafficking: Silver 408
ALL from 7:30-10:00

The larger black and white flyer:

Week of
in the
APRIL 1st - April 3rd, 7:30pm to 10:00pm
Sponsored by NOW-NYU, Co-Sponsored by FilmAid

DAY ONE: Women’s Health: Ricki Lake’s
Silver 405 The Business of Being Born presented
by New Space for Women’s Health

DAY TWO: Refugee Women: FilmAid
Silver 520 Documentaries with Catherine Filloux

DAY THREE: Sex Trade: Discussion with G.E.M.S.
Silver 408 (Girls Education & Mentoring Services)

For More Information:

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Relay For Life

Relay For Life is fast approaching! It begins Saturday, April 12th at 6:30 and runs until Sunday, April 13th at approximately 8 am. Opening ceremonies and the Team Banner Lap are at 6:30, so everyone will want to be there for that! The Survivor's Lap and the Luminaria are at 9, so that's a time not to be missed either. Other than that, there's no pressure to stay all night, but fyi, if you leave past 12, you can't get back in until 6 (free breakfast!). Although we haven't chosen a theme as a group yet, we'll be doing so at some point in the future, as well as making a fun banner and deciding on a fundraiser for our time at the Relay.

While we don't have any team fundraisers planned for the weeks leading up to the big event, everyone can feel free to do as much individual fundraising as they want! Hit up any businesses you know or relatives you have that might want to contribute to this amazing cause devoted to the fight against cancer. You can collect change at other clubs or activities you're involved in, or even empty out that own cute little piggy bank of yours. Whatever you feel comfortable with! Any checks you get should be made out to the American Cancer Society, and any money you come up with can be given to Liz or Julie and we'll made sure it gets to the coordinators of the event.

Also, if you or anyone you know want to buy a Luminaria to honor the life of a survivor or commemorate someone who has passed away, Julie has the forms you'll need, and the cost is only 5 dollars.

Most importantly though, if you haven't already, join the team! Click here to sign up! Anyone can be a part of the NOW-NYU team!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hey-OH! Tuesday's Meeting!

Firstly, and very, very importantly, updates and important info on the Film Week!!!

Basic Info:

Tuesday, April 1, Silver Rm 405, 7:30-10
The Business of Being Born
A Q & A with the director of New Space NYC, a group currently striving in collaboration with Planned Parenthood to get a birthing center/women's health center opened in Manhattan.

Wednesday, April 2, Silver Rm 520, 7:30-10
FilmAid refugee-made movies!
Plus more info about FilmAid and its mission.
AND a discussion with Catherine Fillieux.

Thursday, April 3, Silver Rm 408, 7:30-10
GEMS will be in attendance!

More specific information to follow in the coming days/week! Also, a few lovely NOW ladies are making fliers that I'll put up here as soon as possible!

HOWEVER, this is where everyone comes in!!! Advertising! You will be receiving via email small fliers to douse your classrooms with as well as larger fliers to put up around your dorms (just run it by the ra or someone first). Also, ask any and all professors if you can make a brief announcement to the class about our events as we get closer to the big days. AND, if you're feeling brave, ask your professors to make attendance at our nights worth extra credit! The worst they'll say is no! On top of this, we will also be doing some sidewalk chalking as well as facebook advertising to get the word out! Don't forget word of mouth either! Tell all your friends to come!

Aside from that, we also discussed a few of this week's past events:

Naral's Health Panel, attended by Liz!
Not all universal health care plans are created equal! Therefore, it's important that we all be more informed about the terms and the specifics involved in politician's individual plans!

Trip to Albany with Planned Parenthood, attended by Rachael and Brittany!
Interesting timing, considering the recent Spitzer news, but they also learned more about the Reproductive Rights bill up for consideration which would ensure that New York women can still obtain an abortion if Roe v. Wade is overturned.

Girl's Rock, attended by Liz, Julie C, Julie K, Sue, Sarah, and Nicole!
Women/Girl/Female Awesomeness and Empowerment!

There's so much more to be said about all of these topics, so if anyone wants to share a few more thoughts, please post a comment for those of us who couldn't attend the events!

Also! Have you signed up for NOW's Relay for Life team? It's gonna be fun! Click HERE to sign up!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Wednesday's Meeting

First up! This Friday we're hoping to go the movie Girls Rock! hosted by NOW-NYC! More info to come, but let Liz know ASAP if you want her to get you a ticket. You can buy them the night of...if they aren't sold out!

Tomorrow/Today (Thursday that is) is a panel on Universal Health Care in Silver 408 from 6:30-8:30.

ALSO on this very day is ANOTHER panel on the 2008 Election entitled "Power, Politics, and Predictions," featuring four of NYU's very own professors. This one is at 7:30, in Schimmel Auditorium (in the Tisch building).

And AGAIN also on Thursday is a vigil in honor of those killed and missing in Columbia. 4 Pm at 140 E. 57th St and Lexington.

Relay for Life is coming up! We have a team so go sign up for TEAM NOW NYU/MOST AWESOME TEAM EVER (too much?)!

Also, Carrie and Julie went to a facilitation training this Wednesday, hosted by SCRC. We learned a lot of great techniques for how to encourage a non-hierarchical, yet functional meeting that sort of embraces the natural differences in the way we all act in meetingish situations. I can't wait to share some of what we learned!

Also, if you're sticking around til May 18th, and you're interested in participating in the AIDS walk, Sarah is your girl! Talk to her for more info!

OK! Next meeting is crucial because we have really got to get going on advertising for our Film Week! If we all attack this from every angle at our disposal, we'll get a great turnout and hopefully open a lot of minds to some of these issues. So come to our meeting this Tuesday, in the 9th floor lobby, at 8 pm, ARMED WITH IDEAS for getting the word out!!!