Thursday, March 6, 2008

Wednesday's Meeting

First up! This Friday we're hoping to go the movie Girls Rock! hosted by NOW-NYC! More info to come, but let Liz know ASAP if you want her to get you a ticket. You can buy them the night of...if they aren't sold out!

Tomorrow/Today (Thursday that is) is a panel on Universal Health Care in Silver 408 from 6:30-8:30.

ALSO on this very day is ANOTHER panel on the 2008 Election entitled "Power, Politics, and Predictions," featuring four of NYU's very own professors. This one is at 7:30, in Schimmel Auditorium (in the Tisch building).

And AGAIN also on Thursday is a vigil in honor of those killed and missing in Columbia. 4 Pm at 140 E. 57th St and Lexington.

Relay for Life is coming up! We have a team so go sign up for TEAM NOW NYU/MOST AWESOME TEAM EVER (too much?)!

Also, Carrie and Julie went to a facilitation training this Wednesday, hosted by SCRC. We learned a lot of great techniques for how to encourage a non-hierarchical, yet functional meeting that sort of embraces the natural differences in the way we all act in meetingish situations. I can't wait to share some of what we learned!

Also, if you're sticking around til May 18th, and you're interested in participating in the AIDS walk, Sarah is your girl! Talk to her for more info!

OK! Next meeting is crucial because we have really got to get going on advertising for our Film Week! If we all attack this from every angle at our disposal, we'll get a great turnout and hopefully open a lot of minds to some of these issues. So come to our meeting this Tuesday, in the 9th floor lobby, at 8 pm, ARMED WITH IDEAS for getting the word out!!!

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