Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Tuesday's Meeting

First up! We made a banner and tshirts for Relay for Life! Relay is Saturday at 6! Shortly after that is the team lap, so everyone that can should really try to make it for that part for sure! Then, we'll be selling lollypops and doing some facepainting during the event to raise money for American Cancer Society. So, join the team and get pumped for Saturday night!

We also discussed a gift for some of the girls at GEMS to say thank you for coming to our film week. So, Wednesday, consider bringing something small like nail polish or hair stuff or a blank journal. Anything you think teenage girls would enjoy! We really want to keep up a good relationship with GEMS and show our appreciation for their participation at filmweek.

Next week! Nicole is going to be leading a little session on sex and our sexual health. We'll also be holding elections for next year on this day as well. We discussed this briefly on Tuesday, but there is still time to think about the role you'd like to have in NOW next year. If you're interested, please email Liz with the positions you're interested in, and please, if you're interested in multiple positions, rank them in order of how interested you are. The positions, again, are: president, vice president, treasurer, secretary, and webmaster/historian. We'll also have many opportunities for leadership available in committees.

Email Liz by Sunday if you're interested in a position! See you Wednesday (Saturday, if you're attending the Relay!)

Monday, April 7, 2008


First of all, as if we haven't all said it enough, congratulations to us for an amazing filmweek! If you happen to see anyone that came to a night, please be sure to thank them again for coming. Also, please send me your thoughts at jpk297@nyu.com. Just a few sentences on the nights you saw so we can record it all for, you know, posterity!

Coming up this Tuesday:

We'll be making t-shirts for Relay for Life as well as talking about our activity for the night of the event. Annnnd if you haven't, SIGN UP for the team!

We'll be discussing elections in a little more details, talking about what each position entails, as well as the possibility of forming more committees for people interested in taking on some extra responsibility on a particular issue. Think about whether you'd like to make the extra commitment by being a committee leader or executive board member and come ready to say a few words about it!

If you can't make it Tuesday, but still want to be considered for a position, try to email Liz tonight so we can have you in mind when we discuss this tomorrow.

See you all tomorrow at 8 in the 9th floor lobby!

(Send my your film week thoughts!!!)